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CCTV Installs
Installs - Repairs - Upgrades for Business & Residential, Enquire for More Information
Hard Line It When You Can

Yes, you can do wireless cameras (e.g. Ring) but you'll need a few more things to help better secure your feeds. We always recommend closed circuit [CCTV] first. Enquire within to find out more.

Build & Design
Mobile Phone Recovery
Phone Damaged? Crushed? Won't boot? Maybe We Can Help.
Forensic Recovery

Too often cell phone stores would rather sale you a new phone to fix your existing problems or tell you they can't get into your phone, we fixed that in the new version. IT Digit All can [usually] recover text messages and photos [or videos] on a phone. Even get your contacts (names and numbers). Enquire within.

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Adobe? Sweet.
Premiere Pro.
After Effects.
^ We do all that and probably more.
Enquire within.

- Offering Remote Support and in some cases, on site.

- CCTV installs, repairs and upgrades for business and residential.

- Ring and Alexa camera installs, repairs and upgrades (some conditions apply -- please enquire).

- Audio production, audio forensics, enhancement and in some cases transcription (English and Spanish).

- Video production services for advertising, marketing and scientific video forensics.

- Footage by Aerial Drone Available (we check if permits are needed and or obtainable for certain places, events, no-fly zones, etc.)

- Footage from 5K 3-D Camera with high-end stabilization

- Commercial and industrial still photos for evidence, forensics and analysis, MACRO to 1000MM available. FLIR available.

Full written reports are available (extra hourly) for all types of forensics. Please enquire for more information. 

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