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CCTV Installs
Installs - Repairs - Upgrades for Business & Residential, Enquire for More Information
Hard Line It When You Can

Yes, you can do wireless cameras (e.g. Ring) but you'll need a few more things to help better secure your feeds. We always recommend closed circuit [CCTV] first. Enquire within to find out more.

Build & Design
Mobile Phone Recovery
Phone Damaged? Crushed? Won't boot? Maybe We Can Help.
Forensic Recovery

Too often cell phone stores would rather sale you a new phone to fix your existing problems or tell you they can't get into your phone, we fixed that in the new version. IT Digit All can [usually] recover text messages and photos [or videos] on a phone. Even get your contacts (names and numbers). Enquire within.

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Adobe? Sweet.
Premiere Pro.
After Effects.
^ We do all that and probably more.
Enquire within.

Phone: (760) 498-3030
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Based in So. California, USA

IT Digit All consultants have valid international certifications, CompTIA A+ (CE), to CST, to DVE

*CompTIA - The Computing Technology Industry Association
 CE - Continuing Education
 A+ - Two exams, performance-based certification that supports the ability to connect users to the data they need to do their jobs regardless of the devices being used - Source, CompTIA
 ETA - Electronic Technicians Association, Int.
 CST - Computer Service Technician, Int.
 DVE - Digital Video Editor, Int.