Rule A. Prevention Deters Detection.

Are you a victim of RANSOMWARE? Are you worried that you might be? Contact us. We'll give you the skinny on how to prepare and train your offices and staff how to respond and stop it before it brings your business to a standstill.


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Rule B. Cyber Insurance.

Do you have Cyber Insurance? Did you know most legal and medical offices do now? Are you properly protecting yourself from a liability nightmare? Contact Us. Consult. We'll help you keep it together when (not if) something happens.*


*Since we reside on planet earth too, we are not insurance brokers but we can recommend and refer and fix whatever you may need for Cyber Insurance compliance. We will save you time, headache and money. Contact Us.



Rule C. Backups. Are you backing up?

Backing up to the cloud is nice. You should still have your data backed up so when something goes wrong, you can be back online in no time. We do that. We can explain how, why, how much and handle it for you. In plain English. Contact Us.*

*Apologies in advance... due to spambots that email everybody, we have instituted a math CAPTCHA on our contact form, so if you didn't pass basic math, really basic math, or you're a spambot, you will have issue contacting us probably. 

Rule D. Computer Repair Fair and...

The saying goes fair and square. If your computer crashed on a freeway and burst into 20 pieces, you might still be able to recover something from your hard drive. At least we might be. If it was scorched in a fire or run over by a tractor transporting a UFO, maybe not, we can assess and let you know if we recover files, data, from damaged components. You'd be surprised. Contact Us.*

*As we mentioned in Rule C about the math CAPTCHA, you should contact us asap, in case we change the math CAPTCHA to square root answers wink

Did you know?

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  • Protect IT

    We setup and install CCTV camera systems. Need to upgrade? Want to have 4K with night vision? 8K? Need license plate identification in the dark? We can help get you situated. Protect your home, your investments and future.

  • Train IT

    Can't figure out how it works? Need software training for employees? We offer training for Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and much more.

  • Design IT

    We create SSL dynamic responsive web sites that automatically fit and work with ALL tablets and mobile devices. We do web marketing, social media integration and advertising.

  • Adobe IT

    We have experts in Photoshop, Audition, Premiere Pro and After FX. We utilize editing machines to render jobs out quicker so your ideas can move forward faster. Need a render farm? We know who to call and know how to wrangle.

  • Remote IT

    Training for Zoom, Cisco Webex Meetings, GoToMeeting,, BlueJeans Meetings, Cisco Jabber, TeamViewer, Adobe Connect.

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